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High Capacity Rotainer H.D

Since the release of our Top Lift  Container Rotation Systems (Pty Ltd) in 2009 followed by our automated lid lifting system in 2010, CRS has become Global
Leaders in  Environmentally Friendly Container Rotation Technology and Bulk Ore Container Design.

Our Pioneering Designs offer our clients, (B.A.T) Best Available Technology with the most Cost Effective, Low Maintenance  solution for delivery of Copper Concentrate, Direct Shipping Ores and other free flowing bulk materials such as Coal, Grains, Food Products, Wood Chip and Wood Pellets.

Recently released to the Global market is the Rotainer® R.S.  This unique Design is The Worlds first Quick Release, 'Three in One' Container Rotation System for Reachstackers, Top Lift Forklifts, Ships Gear and Ship to Shore Cranes.

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