Rotorcon® Bulk Ore Containers 1.6m, 1.9m, 2.2m High. 35,000kg Capacity

The Unique Patented Rotorcon Container System allows for a 'One Design' system which allows for 'Three Heights'  offering our clients  a 'Simple Choice'

Rotorcon® ER, Our New Light Weight, Specially Designed  Copper Concentrate Container. 
1900 mm High - 17.1 Cubic Metres - 28,000kgs Tonne Load Rated.
3000 Kg Tare with Standard Steel Lid & Self Locking Lid System. 


Rotorcon® HD, 35,000kg Capacity...38,400kg Gross Weight

Now available with our New Design,'Maintenance Free' Self Locking Lid System


Rotorcon® is a purpose built, Bulk Material Transport Vessel. Available with the option of our unique Lidliftor™ automatic lid lift and latching system, specifically designed to meet the demanding dynamics of the Rotainer®Container Rotation System.


Rotorcon® is not a traditional Open Top, Half Height Container or modified freight container.


Its a unique design! Its purpose built from the ground up. Its modern design allows transport by Road or Rail with the proven ability of 360 degree rotation via the 4 top lift points with load capacities of up to 35,000 kg of various products.


Rotorcon®, heavy duty, Bulk Material Transport Vessels are available in 3 standard heights, 1.6m, 1.9m & 2.2m, combined with the appropriate internal coatings,  are suitable for all types of bulk materials.


Being the only Bulk Material Transport Vessel fully certified for use with Rotainer for complete rotation by the traditional, top lift,  ISO twistlock format.


Rotainer's  Shipping, Rail , Mining and Road Transport clients now have the security of an environmentally friendly solution for the transport of all bulk products.


If your application requires the use of Bulk Ore Containers, Open Top Containers or Half Height Containers with  solid, firmly locked lids, a Rotainer® with our unique Rotorcon® Bulk Material Transport Vessel with Lidliftor™ will provide you with the complete environmental solution.


Please feel free to contact out friendly staff who will advise you the best systems for your application.